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Y5s Updates and Reminders for the week of 3/30

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Hello Families,

First, I just wanted to say a big ‘thank you!’   Most of the children now have an extra change of clothes in their cubbies, this is so important with the changing of the seasons, as well as for when spills or accidents happen.  Below you will see the reminders for the week and a look ahead at our schedule for the AAPS Spring Break week.

Reminders and updates:

Friday: 4/3 SCAMP Registration Deadline

Spring Break 4/6-4/10

Monday: 4/6 – Field Trip to University of Michigan Museum of Natural History 10-11 am

-Planetarium: Musical Sky 10:00-10:30
-Prehistoric Explorers 10:30-11:00

Bus departs GH around 9:20.  Please arrive by 9 am.  We will return to GH by 11:45

Tuesday: 4/7 Center Day

Wednesday: 4/8 St. Jude Trike-a-thon:  10 am.  I am in the process of checking the PS bike sheds for the bike helmets with help from Marie.  If your child has a helmet here, I am placing it on top of their cubby, please be sure to leave it there if your child will be here on 4/8 and participating in the Trike-a-thon.  After the event, the helmets will be put back into the bike sheds, but I wanted to get a head start on making sure who has a helmet, and who needs a helmet.  Helmets are available for purchase at the front desk for $11.00.

-Children will  bring their own bikes for this event

Thursday: 4/9 Pajama and Movie day!

Friday: 4/10  Field trip to Domino’s Petting Farm.  10-11:30 am

– Arrive by: 9:00 am, bus departs at 9:30.  We will return to GH by 12pm.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  We’re looking forward to a fun week!


Spring Thaw Reminder

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We know how important it is to support children in getting outside to experience and explore the outdoors every day. As snow has melted, we’ve had some wet and muddy areas on the playground. This certainly makes for an exciting playground to explore, but can definitely be the cause for some messy clothing!

As teachers juggle wardrobe changes, we ask that you please remember to send in extra clothes for your child. Tall rain boots may help as we make this transition. In addition, waterproof gloves and snow pants will help children stay warm and dry as they actively explore the playground. Labeling their articles of clothing also helps minimize confusion. We will have Gretchen’s House back up clothes available if needed. If your child does borrow GH clothes, please be sure to return them promptly so that other children have access to these items as well.  Thanks so much for your understanding as we make our way through the wet, muddy, but very welcome, spring weather.

Thank you!



Y5 Reminders for the week of 3/23

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Hello Families,

Spring has sprung!  We welcomed the first official day of Spring with a new collage decoration for our classroom door, along with paintings that were inspired by all things Spring…bright and colorful!  Below is a list of reminders and some new upcoming events, please take a look.

  • 3/24 – Happy Birthday, Vyaan!
  • 3/24 – (Date change) 9:30 am – Visit from Fire Department in gym, then outside for a tour of the truck.
  • 3/25 – Fire Drill
  • 3/27 – Kim begins Starting Points training
  • 4/3-4/10: AAPS Spring Break – We will be going on two field trips during the week of 4/6.  I will send an email and updated April calendar as soon as field trips are finalized.
  • Please check your child’s cubby to make sure that they have a change of clothes for GH, including socks.
  • Our cubby area gets pretty full of artwork by the end of the week!  Please check your child’s cubby area and take home any artwork that belongs to your child, thank you.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Y5s Reminders for the week of 3/9-3/13

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Hello Y5 Families,

With the thaw of our playground, our Y5s are both excited and a little bit sad as well.  We’ve had a lot of fun playing in the snow, and we are also excited about the weather warming up!


  • We are creating a family book!  If you have not already done so, please complete your ‘family page’ on the construction paper that was provided.  If you need new construction paper, just stop in and ask.  On the family page, you may include pictures of family, your Y5 child, pets, favorite places, etc.  If you would like to see an example, please ask.
  • Book order due: 3/27
  • Extra clothing:  As the snow continues to melt, our playground continues to become more and more wet.  I have put a, ‘Your child needs:’ slip on your child’s cubby if there are extra clothing items needed.  Please be sure to check your child’s cubby area, and try to bring in extra clothes as soon as possible.

Have a great week!


Y5 Reminders for the week of 3/2-3/6

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Hello Families,

The sun is shining, and the weather has been warm enough for the children to play outside today, Happy Monday!  Below are some reminders for this week in our Y5 classroom:

  • Happy 5th Birthday, Nora! 3/2
  • Tammy Holley today, 3/2  (our 3/5 date was cancelled and rescheduled for today)
  • Kim out for Head Teacher training, 3/6
  • Please continue to send cold weather gear for your children, including: snow pants, boots, waterproof gloves, coats, and hats.  We go outside daily, as long at the temperature is above zero, including windchill, and it’s important that your child is warm and comfortable.
  •  Updated and revised calendar for March

Have a wonderful week!



Y5s Reminders for the week of 2/23

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Hello Families,

I hope that you are all staying warm as the cold weather continues!

We had a fun and busy Mid-Winter Break last week!  Make sure to stop and look at the pictures in our classroom, and soon to be posted on as well.    We were busy creating sand artwork, making paper bag puppets and then a puppet show, bowling, gymnastics, and to end the week, a pajama and movie day with the school-agers.

Below are a few reminders and announcements for the week:

2/24 – Happy Birthday, Amelia!

2/25 – Happy Birthday, Lily!

2/26 – PM Fire Drill

2/27  – Book orders due


– Kim out in the morning for Head Teacher Training 9-12 at Oak Valley


Have a wonderful week!






Y5 Reminders for the week of 2/16

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Happy Monday, Y5 families!

Just a couple of reminders:

  • Please bring in the signed waiver for the 2/19 MI Gymnastics Academy field trip.  If  you need another form, they are available in the classroom by the parent sign in/out clipboard.
  • In addition to boots, please also bring in a pair of shoes that your child can wear in the classroom and gym during the day.
  • Please remember to send waterproof gloves for your child.  Weather permitting, we are outside everyday, sometimes three times per day, so it’s very important to send gloves in that can keep your child’s hands warm and dry.
  • Family Book page: We are excited to add new pages to our Family book!  If you have not already done so, please bring in your page for our Y5 Family Book.
  • Book orders are due: 2/27

Have a wonderful week!

Young 5’s Calendar Notes week of 2/9/15

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Hello Families,

You might be hearing your child say the words ‘safe,’ ‘respectful,’ and ‘responsible.’  These new vocabulary words have become part of our day in planning, play, and problem solving.  I will ask the children if they are being safe, are they being respectful, and are they being responsible, then we talk about what that looks like.  Our Y5 children are responding well to the new vocabulary, and will often use them without teacher initiation.

Field Trip update and important reminders:

2/16-2/20  – AAPS Mid-Winter Break (No Public School)

2/18 AM Field trip to Colonial Lanes

2/19 AM Field trip to Michigan Gymnastics Academy

2/20 Pajama Day!

Stay warm,





Outdoor Gear

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This past snow storm has left some remarkable snow piles for the children to explore! We ask that you please continue to send in hats, waterproof gloves, boots and snow pants during the snowy season! Extra socks and a full set of back up clothes are also helpful. As this most recent snow begins to melt, we will be in the messy season. These items will help to keep your children dry and comfortable as we explore the outdoors!

In addition, please remember to label all of your child’s extra gear. As teachers navigate through the day, we want to ensure we are able to keep track of all the gloves, hats, boots and snow pants to return to you each day. If you happen to find yourself with any extra items that you may no longer need, we gladly accept donations that allow us to have extra items on hand!

Thank you for your cooperation!


Valentine’s Day at Gretchen’s House

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Many of us have fond memories of elementary school Valentine’s Day parties and celebrations. The majority of the Ann Arbor Public Schools still celebrate with cards and parties. For the young children in our programs, Valentine’s Day is a very abstract concept. They are just learning about feelings of love and friendships. The idea of writing their name on a card 20 or 30 times is likely a skill they have yet to master, and that even as school age children we didn’t much enjoy!

Our approach to Valentine’s Day here at Gretchen’s House, is in line with our philosophy for all curriculum; meet the needs and follow the interests of the children. We will focus on children’s interests and age-appropriate activities that promote healthy social interactions. Teachers will be tuned in to see if children are interested in making cards, writing names and talking about friendships. We will have new and interesting materials available for children who want to create pictures, cards and other creations.

Like most things with young children, the interest may surface more after the big day. It is hard for younger children to remember a year ago and what the holiday is about. Often children receive cards and treats from relatives or hear about their sibling’s big day in school. It’s possible the children may talk about Valentine’s Day here at the center, long after the day has passed! Teachers at Gretchen’s House will be ready and happy to continue to support the interest as long as it lasts.

Although, we won’t be having a classroom exchange of Valentine’s – if your child is interested in making Valentine’s, we ask that you utilize the parent mailboxes for your exchange rather than bringing them into the classroom. We want to remain respectful of all children’s feelings. As we know not all families celebrate, it can be difficult for the children if they don’t receive as many as the other children in their class. Opening them at home will ensure it’s an experience they are able to enjoy in the comfort of their own home! In addition, please remember that we are an allergy aware center – for this reason, we ask that if you decide to bring in Valentine’s you limit it to cards only.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we work together to ensure Valentine’s Day is a positive experience for the children. Please let me know if you have any questions and/or concerns.

Thank you!



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