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Railroad Infant/Toddler February Calendar

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A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer. ~Author Unknown

February 2015-2

Think Spring!~Denise


Railroad I/T January Calendar

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January is right around the corner.  Time sure does fly when you’re having fun!  Gretchen’s House is closed  December 24 through January 4, 2015.  We will reopen Monday, January 5th.  The railroad wing teachers hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday break.

January 2015

Denise, Sarah, Deb, Betsy, Hillary, Ashley, and Megan

Chessie Room Toddlers in the Sand

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The Chessie Room Toddlers enjoy exploring sand and water in the sensory table, and this was no exception.  While scooping and pouring the sand in the table together, the following Key Developmental Indicators were observed: Filling and Emptying, Nonverbal Communication, Problem Solving, Moving with Objects, and Seeing from Different Viewpoints.

Quinn, Ben, and Sebastian scoop sand

Quinn, Ben, and Sebastian scoop sand

Railroad I/T December Calendar

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Happy Holidays!  Wow!  This year went fast.  It was so great to spend the last year with all of you.

Here is the December calendar. December 2014

Denise, Sarah, Debbie, Betsy, Hillary, Ashley, and Megan



Railroad I/T November Calendar

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Welcome to November!  Just a reminder that Gretchen’s House is closed on Thursday, November 27 and Friday, November 28 for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Hope you have a  great holiday!

Here is the  November calendar:

November 20142

Denise Lechtanski



Important Updates and Reminders

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Thank you everyone who attended Curriculum Night this past week. We appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to join us and learn about your child’s daily experiences. I want to also thank the teachers for spending their evening here at the center and showing such dedication to the children and families in the  their classroom.

New Contracts Are Coming

It is that time again when we will be providing you with a new contract for the next year. Your current contract will be ending on December 31st. This is a great time for you to communicate any changes in care that you might need in the new year. If you need additional days, fewer days or if you care needs are changing all together, please let us know so we can provide you with accurate information.

This is also a good opportunity to update your expected time range for the 9 1/2 hours of care policy. It is important that you abide by this policy as we plan our staffing around your scheduled time so that we can always be in ratio. We want our high quality of care to be consistent throughout the day including early mornings and late afternoons.

Signing In and Out

Please be sure to sign your child in every morning and sign them out every evening. It is a licensing requirement and it is important to have this accurate documentation. Teachers do track the time you come and go on their roll call sheet, but parents are responsible for completing the official document. We certainly understand that mornings can be very busy, so teachers will plan to give gentle reminders over the next few weeks. We want to support everyone in making this part of their daily morning routine.

Fall and Halloween

We are looking ahead to plans for Halloween, and we wanted to clarify our Fall activities with all of you. As with other times of the year, we will focus on children’s interests and age-appropriate activities that promote healthy social interactions. We know some children may be hearing about Halloween from older siblings. We anticipate that they may be interested in more storytelling and books about the fall season as well as the many foods that they have helped in harvesting from their field trips and gardens at home.  We will make sure our book areas are enriched with various types of stories and incorporate more imagination storytelling and posting of those stories.

We will not organize a parade or have a “Halloween party” or celebrate Halloween in the way that you may remember from elementary school. In the past, we have incorporated costumes and parties into our plans, and we have found the activities to be inconsistent with our philosophy. The abstract concepts of Halloween are lost on many children. After they experience the event at home, then they have a more concrete idea of what Halloween is all about.

We invite your child to bring in their costume after Halloween to enhance the dramatic play that naturally happens in our room. We will not have a formal “dress-up time,” but children may show their friends their costume and use it during work time. Keep in mind that other children may want to have an opportunity to play with your child’s costume with him or her, so you should only send the costume if it can be shared during dramatic play. If you are at all concerned about not ripping the costume or getting paint on it or if the costume is too elaborate to play in, or if the costume is particularly scary, please do not send it in with your child. The children are encouraged to run, jump, climb, explore and paint while at Gretchen’s House and it can be difficult to undertake these tasks while worrying about not getting dirty or ruining a special costume. Thanks in advance for considering all of this!

Finally, because we serve many children with food allergies, we want to remind everyone not to send in candy and other treats. Thank you for your understanding and please let us know if you have any questions.



New face in the Chessie Room!

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The Chessie room has grown.  The teachers and children welcomed Jack and his mom, Jessica, into their group.  Jack loves to go outside to play in the cars and to participate in art activities.  We are excited to have him as a member of our Gretchen’s House family!

Director Updates and Reminders

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October has arrived and so has the cooler weather! Please remember to change out your child’s extra clothes so that they are weather appropriate. The key during the Michigan change of seasons is layering. Often mornings are cool and by the afternoon there can be up to a 20 degree change of temperature. If you are new to our Michigan climate see your child’s teacher for tips for the best fall/winter gear for young children.

Label, Label, Label

Now that I have advised you to layer your child, it means more articles of closing will be at the center! Please label everything. Teachers do a great job of tracking things, but they can’t remember what everyone comes in wearing each day. Duplicates of mittens, gloves, boots and snow pants can also be a cause for confusion. Lost items are more likely to find their way back to you if your child’s name is on them. It is very appreciated by teachers and helps save them time each day when they have a tag as reference.

Critical Incident Management

We had a crisis drill on Friday, October 3rd.  The type of drill we carried out was Secure Mode. This type of drill is put in place whenever there is an external concern in the local community. For example, if there was a bank robbery in the nearby area, we would go into Secure Mode. When in Secure Mode, the children are brought inside (if outdoors) and the classroom doors and windows are locked, as well as, the front entrance. Classroom activities will continue within the building as normal. Hallways will be monitored if there is movement to other areas. Our goal is to have staff practice this procedure while keeping the children calm and engaged in typical activities.

The drill went very smoothly. Because it was raining, we were already indoors. The teachers were able lock down their rooms and secure the classrooms without the children noticing anything out of the ordinary. Although we know it is very unfortunate that such drills are necessary, parents seem very appreciative that we are taking the time to practice our procedures.

Curriculum Night

Teachers have been preparing a wonderful evening of hands on learning for parents during Curriculum Night. We strongly encourage you to come and learn about your child’s typical day and experiences using our HighScope Curriculum approach. This is an adult only event, however child care is available for $10 with advanced notice. Please sign up if you plan to attend in your child’s classroom. Watch your mailbox for more information.

– Pond Wing Curriculum Night is 10/21, 6:15 – 7:30

– Railroad and Farm Wing Curriculum Night is 10/23, 6:15 – 7:30

Communication and Parent Mailboxes

Please be sure to check your Parent Mailboxes for important and timely information. Unsure where your mailbox is? No problem, just ask your child’s classroom teacher or anyone from the office. Communication is important and we want to be sure you get the information you need in several different ways.  Of course face to face is always preferred, but there is not always opportunity at busy drop offs or pick ups.

Teachers blog regularly and it is a great way to receive information and see great photos. We also send timely information through e-mails. Let us know the best way to communicate with you!

Thank you,


Railroad I/T October Calendar

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Here is the October event calendar.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

October 2014




Director Notes

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As we gear up for fall and the upcoming events, I wanted to provide you with following information including important dates and reminders.

Work Days

Thank you for supporting the ongoing professional development of our teachers. During the three work days, we received important information regarding Crisis Procedures, Administering Medication and a whole host of curriculum topics that teachers were able to choose from. Classrooms were cleaned, organized, and prepared for our new and returning children. We also took time to acknowledge teachers’ accomplishments and longevity. It was amazing to see how many staff have been at Gretchen’s House for 5 + years; 19 teachers just at our Dhu Varren center!


We hope to see many families at our potlucks this month! This is a great time to meet new families and spend time talking with your child’s classroom teachers. The children help make the desserts so they are excited about coming and sharing their treats with their loved ones. Watch for the flyer with more information and mark your calendar for the following dates:

  • Tuesday, September 16 = Farm Wing Potluck
  • Thursday, September 18  = Pond Wing Potluck
  • Monday, September 22 = Railroad Wing Potluck

Picture Day

We are excited to offer this great service for families. David Meyer had been taking photographs for Gretchen’s House for over 20 years. He takes his time with each child with the goal of getting the best natural smile possible. David also takes group photos of each classroom. As a mom of two Gretchen’s House graduates, I still enjoy looking back at the photos of the boys and their friends! There are different packages to choose from, including just getting the group photo. Please note the following dates:

  • Tuesday, October 7 = Railroad and Farm Wings
  • Wednesday, October 8 = Pond Wing

David will do his best to get a photograph of your child, but remember that his subjects are young children who may feel uncomfortable with the camera, lights and an unfamiliar face. Your money will be returned to you if he is unable to get an acceptable picture of your child.

Group photos will be taken first. So please have your child at the center by 9:15 to ensure that are part of the group picture!

Routine Code Change

We will be changing the parent security code Monday, September 8th. This is a routine change and there is no reason for alarm. We will keep the current code as a secondary code throughout the week to allow for adequate time to communicate the change. On Monday, September 15th that code will no longer give you access.

As an added security step, we will not be giving out the code in any type of written form. Teachers and Administrative staff will be making a concerted effort to communicate this change to all parents. Please help us by:

  • Communicating it to other family members who participate in picking up and dropping off your child.
  • Asking what the code is.
  • Being patient as we will do our best to make contact with everyone. (Please don’t hesitate to ring the doorbell).

We understand that our security system is not fool proof. However, it does slow people down and is an added measure to the many policies and procedures we have in place intended to keep your child safe.

Thank you,



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